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Beautiful You Lingerie is an extention of Beautiful You Day Spa located in Ashmore, Nova Scotia ~ Canada. 


After hosting Bra Clinics every 2 - 3 months at the spa for the women in our community,

Chrissy Richardson ~former owner of Uplifting Apparal ~ came to the difficult

decision (due to personal reasons) to sell the fitting business she began 6 years before. 



We were fortunate to purchase the business which made so many of our local ladies

leave the spa feeling happy and supported.


The main goal of Beautiful You Lingerie is to provide women of all bust sizes

with an easy shopping experience through private fittings at the Spa,at Bra Fitting clinics,

in the comfort of their own home or over the internet.


We are always looking to expand our inventory and carry bras for women of all shapes and sizes,

concentrating on those not currently represented well in the marketplace.



We look forward to growing and providing high end products to our clients

without the high end price tags for many years to come.


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