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Temporary Tattoos

Each summer, Angela works several events in the local area. She sets up her Airbrushed Temporary Tattoos booth at the Canada Day Festivities in Weymouth, NS -- Parade Day as well as the Bluegrass Festival both during the Festival Acadien de Clare as well as others from year to year. She's been doing airbrushed tattoos for several years in the local community. All paints used are completely safe, FDA approved and non-toxic. The tattoos will last up to a week depending on how they are taken care of and skin type. (although MANY people have reported their tattoos lasting longer than a week. Prices vary depending on the size and amount of colors chosen but generally start at $5 +


Face Painting

Halloween just happens to be Angela's favorite time of the year. It allows her to bring out her Creative Side for all to see. For $30, you can have your face painted up by a professional makeup artist that will last you the entire day/night. Our water based body paint is FDA approved, non toxic and the colors will WOW you. The paint is so light that you don't even feel like you're wearing any. It's non greasy unlike those horrible store bought Halloween Makeups. It also won't smudge when touched. A great way to wear a mask without having to actually wear a mask. When you're done for the night, just simply wash off with soap and water. (or as we would prefer .... a cleansing lotion and water)

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