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Treatment Series of 6:

Purchase 5 of the same service upfront and we will give you the 6th treatment free of charge. No need to keep track, we'll do that for you as well !

Fingers & Toes


Mini Manicure: $25.00
No time for a full manicure? No worries. This mini manicure will get you moving with a quick clip, shape & polish application.


Signature Manicure: $35.00
A gentle soak, shaping, cuticle treatment and massage topped with a polish to suit your mood will leave your hands looking perfectly gorgeous.


Shellac Manicure: $45.00

Shellac Polish is in our opinion the best thing to hit the industry in a few years. A regular dry manicure is done, followed by Shellac Nail Polish which is cured under a Blue Light Lamp.  This allows the polish to dry instantly (no more awkward dry time).  The polish doesn't chip, smudge or get dull over time.  It also lasts far longer than traditional nail polish.  Depending on lifestyle, polish usually lasts 2-4 weeks !


Sports Manicure: $30.00
Relax and enjoy a well deserved treat as your nails and cuticles are shaped & conditioned. A nice hand massage followed by a nail buffing is just the thing to give your hands a clean, professional look.


French Polish: Add $3.00 to manicure or pedicure price.


Mini Pedicure: $30.00
No time for a full pedicure? A quick soak, nail clipping, shaping & a fresh polish application will do the trick!


Signature Pedicure: $45.00
Treat your feet to a purely relaxing treatment. Soak in a warm herbal foot soak followed by callous removal, shaping, cuticle treatment, buffing and a heavenly foot & leg massage. Finish your treatment off with polish of your choice.


Sports Pedicure: $40.00
Sit back and have your back massaged by our deluxe leather reclining pedicure chair as your feet are soaked in the whirlpool foot bath. After removing any callous and dry skin, your nails and cuticles are groomed followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage.


Facial Treatments


My First Facial: $30.00
Treat your little one to some real pampering while getting her thinking about the importance of proper skin care. Cleanse, Tone, Mask & Day Cream. ( For ages 12 & under )
* Adult must be present during this service.


Teen Facial: $48.00
Ideal for treating young problem skin with excess oil, this treatment normalizes and helps to regulate sebaceous glands and to refine pores. Receive proper Skin Care advice while receiving a thorough Cleansing, Exfoliating Scrub, Toner, Extraction of Blackheads, Facial mask & appropriate Day Cream. * (For ages 13-18)


Signature European Facial: $55.00
In this treatment, your face, neck & decollete are cleansed, toned, steamed & exfoliated followed by extractions and a thoroughly relaxing facial massage. While your specially chosen mask is on, you will receive a foot & lower leg massage. Your treatment is complete when the mask is removed by hot towel and an appropriate day cream is applied.


Dermaplaning: $47.00

A simple and safe exfolliation technique which removes surface debris with a custom dermaplaning blade.

This treatment exfoliates the epidermis, removes fine, vellus hair (peach fuzz), improves minor acne scarring and is great for all skin types including very sensitive sking.


Dermafacial: $86.00

Combine the benifits of a Dermaplaning session with the full spa treatment experience of the relaxing and hydrating European Facial. Product penetrates so nicely after the dermaplaning session leaving your skin soft and hydrated.


Hydrating Collagen Facial: $125.00

Enjoy this Deluxe, Hydrating Facial with all the benefits of the Signature European Facial. Your full face Collagen Mask deeply penetrates the epidermis, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

Leave with your face feeling silky smooth and looking great ! (please check with us for availability)


Specialized Back Facial: Not available at this time
Your entire back is thouroughly cleansed, toned, streamed & exfoliated. Impurities are then extracted followed by a relaxing massage. A specially chosen mask is applied and your treatment is completed with the mask removal using hot towels - followed by an appropriate moisturizer.





A natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to every part, gland & organ of the body.


Traditional Reflexology: $47.00

Pressure is applied to these relfexes to relieve tension, improve circulation & help to promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.


Hair Removal


*Prices may increase depending on amount of hair removed.


Waxing is available for most parts of the body. A soft warm wax is applied and the hair is removed using cotton strips A soothing cream is applied afterwards to calm the skin down.

Brows: $12.00 

Student Brows: $8.00

Upper Lip: $8.00

Brow/Lip: $15.00

Chin: $10.00

Lip/Chin: $15.00

Nose: $10.00

Face: $24.00

1/2 Leg: $28.00

Full Leg: $45.00

Bikini: $19.00

1/2 Leg/Bikini: $45.00

Full Leg/Bikini: $60.00

Brazillian: $49.00

Underarms: $19.00

1/2 Arms: $18.00

Full Arms: $33.00

Chest: $50.00

Back: $50.00




Brows $15.00 

Lashes $19.00

Your eyebrows are tinted to the perfect shade to frame your face and help cover up grey or white hairs. The eyelashes are tinted to give the appearance of wearing mascara even when you're not!





Ear Piercing: $35.00 /pair

Nose Piercing: $40.00

Completely safe and sterile, this unique piercing system takes the traditional pain level down to almost nothing. Receive a complementary cleansing solution with each piercing to aid with healing process.




Laser Hair Removal & SKin Rejuvenation


*Please Contact the Spa for Pricing*


Bra Fitting Service ~ Specializing in the Larger, "Hard To Fit" bust sizes

Our Bra Fitting service is a Complimentary, No Obligation service.

If you chose to purchase one of our in stock bras, prices start at $72+



*Please Note that listed Prices Do Not Include HST or Gratuities *


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